Too Hot Upstairs? Too Cold Downstairs?

Sound familiar? Most homes in your neighborhood have the same problem. In summer the top floor of the house doesn’t get enough cooling, while the bottom floor feels like a freezer. In the winter, it’s so hot upstairs you’re cracking the windows in the middle of a blizzard, and downstairs it feels like you might as well be outside in it!

The problem is not your HVAC system. All it knows is that it’s meeting the temperature on your thermostat. Your thermostat, however, is probably located on the middle level of your home. Since warm air rises and cold air descends, the temperature is uneven, and your HVAC system doesn’t even know it!

Thankfully, there is an easy solution to this problem. A customized summer/winter damper system from Millie’s HVAC will direct airflow through your ducts to where it is needed most. In the summer, more air will be directed to the top floor, cooling the hottest part of your house before descending to the lower levels. In the winter it works in reverse, directing heat to the lower level, and from there it will rise naturally upward through the rest of the house. This puts you in charge of physics, and will result in a comfortable temperature throughout your home AND save you money on utility expenses.

The best part is this can be accomplished at a minimum cost, without replacing your HVAC system, in as little as one hour! With over 20 years of experience, Millie’s is the company to turn to for air balancing dampers, as well as all your other heating and air conditioning needs. Also, Millie’s GUARANTEES our dampers: If we don’t get results, we will give you your money back!
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