Putting in a new heating system can be a great idea for your home in Arlington. New furnaces can potentially increase the overall efficiency of your home and provide more consistent heating in your home. During the winter, you probably use your heating system every day. With so much depending on this system, there are a number of things to think about before you install a new system. We thought it would be helpful for our customers in Arlington if we put together a quick list of 3 things you should consider as you move forward with this process.

Deep Cleaning

If you’re getting a new furnace installed, it’s probably a good idea to do some really deep cleaning and inspection before you put in the new system. While your heating system is torn apart for the new unit to be put in, you may want to consider having your ducts inspected, cleaned and possibly sealed. Leaking ducts are a huge concern for the efficiency of your system. You pay a lot of money to heat the air coming from your furnace. As the air moves through the ducts, it can leak outside—essentially wasting that money. With duct cleaning and sealing, you can keep more of the air you pay to heat and make sure that your ducts aren’t dirty.

Air Filters and Humidity Control

Before you put in a new furnace, you may want to consider adding an air quality and humidity control system. These types of products have a number of benefits. Air quality control systems can filter out a number of potentially irritating and harmful contaminants from the air. This can include everything from biological particulates like viruses and mold to allergy-related things like pet dander and dust. When it gets dry during the winter here in Arlington, humidity controls can also increase the comfort level in your home. Humidity can also play a part in the amount of dust that is in your air.

Zone Control

Another thing to think about adding is a zone control system. Why would you want to spend money to heat parts of your house that you aren’t using?  Zone control systems allow you to only heat or cool the areas of the house that you’re using. For example, if you’re going to bed, you know that you’re only going to be using your bedroom for the next 8 or so hours. A zone control system would let you only heat that one room instead of wasting money heating the rest of your house.

If you’re getting ready to install a new furnace in your Arlington home, call the experts at Millie’s Heating & Air Conditioning. We have years of experience installing all types and brands of furnaces. We would love to help you make sure that your furnace is installed correctly and that it works right.